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Most of us work with bacteria, protists, and some small metazooans. Individuals of these species are very functionally diverse. They can reproduce, grow, die, attack, defend, parasitise, swim, crawl, slide, and lots more. This is one reason they're so interesting to study. Here are some websites with nice photos: KrebsMicro, Protist image data, Protist information server, A nice youtube video.


Protocols are here, though at the moment only an example is given. Many more will very soon be available.


There will soon be links to collections of relevant literature.


Experiments with microbes can be great for learning about population dynamics, interspecific interactions, coexistence, ecosystem process dynamics, and so on. We will happily provide teaching materials (i.e., instructions, and perhaps even some species) covering some of these topics.

  • Temperature effects on logistic growth and interspecific competition.
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